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Solus Project Gets New Website, Migrates to New Development Tracker and More

By Andrew Powell, published 11/05/2017 in News

The fast moving Solus Project that is making some waves in the Linux distribution world has some new shiny things going on. Joshua Strobl, Solus Project Communications Manager has announced them in the latest This Week In Solus.

In the 44th installment of This Week In Solus, Joshua details the latest happenings in the Solus project which includes the following:

  • Migration to a new Development Tracker, Phabricator

    • This means a migration to Diffusion and Differential, away from git. The Solus team say this is "needed to upscale with our community and its needs" as well as impoving review processes, syntax highlighting, enabling use of the Arcanist patching tool and more.
    • The current git repositories will live on for a month longer, in read-only mode.
  • New Solus Website

    • New design and rendering improvements, largely contributed by the Solus community itself.
    • Further updates to come in regards to "better categories view" for sections such as Packaging.
    • MP3 and OGG podcast URL feeds to come soon.
  • Ikey Doherty (the Solus guy) sponsors some sweet Bluetooth kit for Joshua

    • Specifically, Joshua says, these are the Creative T3250 wireless speakers and an ASUS USB-BT400 Bluetooth USB adapter, thanks to Patreon and Paypal contributors. This is to help test with Bluetooth A2DP audio in particular, which has been reported to be problematic on some systems.
  • Google Accounts Integration Fixed and on the way

    • The Solus team are happy to report that thanks to an upstream fix in WebKit landing in the Solus unstable repository and now validated, Google accounts sign-in will function properly.
  • Improved scanning support

    • Thanks to the improved scanning support in packages utsushi 3.30.0 and iscan 2.30.3, it is expected that some Epson printer/scanners should now work.
  • Quite a number of new and updated packages landing over the past week

See the blog post for more information, as well as the full listing of the new and updated packages, which is fairly extensive and expected to land soon, as they are currently sitting in the unstable repos "awaiting sync".

As detailed in my recent look at Solus, the distribution (and project as a whole) seems to be one to watch.

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