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Here at The Linux Rain anyone is encouraged to submit an article! You will be credited as the author and help The Linux Rain grow.

The only requirements are that the content be suitable to what The Linux Rain is about (that should be fairly self-explanatory, but see the FAQ below) and that you strive to be as unbiased and accurate as possible in what you report, unless of course you are writing an opinion piece where you can be a bit more laid back.


What is The Linux Rain about and how should that affect what I submit?

The Linux Rain strives to provide all things Linux related, with news, reviews and some editorials along the way, combined with the goal of unbiased news reporting without disconnecting with the community itself.

Too often, especially in communities of enthusiastic or passionate people (as Linux and/or FOSS communities often are), you get "wars" or arguments conducted on various topics, whether it be (in the case of Linux-related topics) your distribution of choice, window manager/desktop environment or even your choice of icon theme.

With this in mind, The Linux Rain is intended to be powered by such enthusiastic/passionate people, but try to rise above those biases and provide the facts so that the readers can decide for themselves what they think.

Of course this is primarily for Linux news reporting - as mentioned, with opinion/editorial articles, it is afterall an opinion and is clearly marked as such.

Where can I submit my article?

Simply send the article in an email, either as an attachment or in the email body itself, to the primary address listed on our Contact page.

Currently we have no automatic submission or WYSIWYG editor etc, but perhaps in the future that could happen.

What format must my article submission be in?

Anything, really. So long as it's not some obscure old proprietary format that I can't open of course. Submit the article as you like, whether it be in plain text, an email or even an old fashioned Word document, it doesn't really matter as it will be converted to Markdown anyway (which is the plain text parser that the KirbyCMS uses, which this site runs on).
Basically as long as it can be copy/pasted from the file to where it needs to go on this site, it will be okay.

Also, a head image is needed. At the very least a 675px wide, 150px high image is required.

If you can't be bothered with an image though, I will happily just add a suitable one myself - relevant to the content you write.

Will my article be subjected to heavy moderation/editing?

It's my intention that The Linux Rain be as true to the spirit of free speech and community contribution as much as possible, but of course at the same time, the goal of providing clean, unbiased and factual news on Linux topics means that there has to be some moderation and guidelines.

So long as the article is on topic though and conforms to basic guidelines, the only real editing likely to take place is for the purposes of grammar and spell checking.

Do I have to use my real name?

Absolutely not!
You are welcome to and I dare say many would use their actual names since more than likely they have a social networking account anyway, but unlike certain sites out there, you are welcome to remain anonymous on The Linux Rain.

However, for the purposes of providing an "author" for the articles, you just need to at least provide an alias.