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Debian 9 on a Dell OptiPlex 9020 Micro


TL;DR: Works fine (see title). The little old box I bought my last desktop from VG Computing (now Linux Now) in Melbourne. It arrived without an operating system and was basically a Mini-ITX board in a Shuttle XH61 case, with selected add-ins. (Specs below). I installed Debian stable and got years…

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The Importance of Static Social Media Buttons


So, let's talk social media buttons. You know them; you probably see them on most sites that you visit these days. The little badges or icons that load, encouraging you to click on them to either connect with the associated social media account or to share the article you may be reading at the…

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What is YOUR Essential FOSS Program?


We all have at least one or maybe even a handful of programs we seemingly just can't live without. You know, that program that you instantly go looking for as soon as you've installed your new shiny OS (or Linux distribution, more specifically in our case). For me, personally it's the Vim text…

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Canonical Quits Unity/Mir/Convergence; My Thoughts


In stunning news, which is apparently NOT a late April Fools joke, Mark Shuttleworth has announced that Canonical will be dumping the Unity, Mir projects and ultimately the goal of 'convergence'. Canonical is also planning to then return to GNOME as the default desktop by the release of Ubuntu…

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The State of NVIDIA Optimus on Linux


For those unaware, NVIDIA Optimus is a technology that allows integrated Intel graphics and a discrete NVIDIA graphics card to be built into the same computer (generally a laptop) and switch between the two on-demand. This same technology is also the cause of Linus Torvalds' infamous…

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What is Ubuntu Snappy?


If you're anything like me, you've probably heard about this new thing from Canonical called "Snappy" Ubuntu Core, but at the same time trying to understand exactly what it is may leave you cross-eyed, especially with the buzzwords such as "cloud", "containers" and…

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Over a Month On - Conclusion to the GNOME Shell Challenge


Over a month ago I embarked on my own personal challenge to use GNOME Shell (otherwise just known as GNOME 3) for an entire week. That week happened and went, I wrote some thoughts I had after that initial week, but did not officially end my usage of the Shell. Fast forward to now... I'm still…

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Is Ubuntu's Unity Really All That Bad Nowadays?


Now, don't get me wrong - when it comes to choice of desktop interface it's a very subjective matter and often a matter of taste and what you, as the user, finds most comfortable and/or productive. Still, browse through various forums, comment sections or blogs across the internet concerning Unity…

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How FOSS Brought New Life To My Once Linux-Unfriendly Laptop


Many of you can probably relate to this: that machine, whether it be a laptop or a desktop computer, that just seems to hate any Linux operating system you throw at it. Poor performance, inefficiency or non-working bits of hardware or functionalities seem the norm whenever you try your favourite…

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Unless you have been living in a cave for the last few weeks, you would have heard about (formally known as Good Old Games) finally announcing they will be adding Linux support! I think this is a great thing and here's 5 good reasons why. Now okay, technically, they are (at least initially)…

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7 Useful Free and Open-Source Flatpak Tools

This article focuses on useful Flatpak tools. Only free and open-source software is eligible for inclusion.

The post 7 Useful Free and Open-Source Flatpak Tools appeared first on Linux Today.

More Data Centers Are Lowering Their Environmental Impact as a Side Effect of Liquid Cooling

After years of playing second fiddle to chilled air, it appears that direct-to-chip liquid cooling is finally going uptown.

The post More Data Centers Are Lowering Their Environmental Impact as a Side Effect of Liquid Cooling appeared first on Linux Today.

Curl 8.9.0 Is Here: New Features, Bugfixes, and How to Install

Daniel Stenberg, the maintainer of Curl, has announced the release of Curl 8.9.0. This release marks a significant milestone in the project’s history, with a whopping 260 bugfixes, 11 changes, and 2 security fixes.

The post Curl 8.9.0 Is Here: New Features, Bugfixes, and How to Install appeared first on Linux Today.

Run0 vs Sudo: What’s the Difference?

Looking for a privilege escalation tool for your Linux system? Read our comparison of Run0 vs Sudo to find out which one is the best for you.

The post Run0 vs Sudo: What’s the Difference? appeared first on Linux Today.

How to Lock User Accounts in Linux (Using 6 Methods)

In this guide, learn how to lock user accounts, disable user accounts, and expire user accounts in Linux using a command-line tool or manual method.

The post How to Lock User Accounts in Linux (Using 6 Methods) appeared first on Linux Today.

Meta Inches Toward Open-Source AI With New LLaMA 3.1

Is Meta’s 405 billion parameter model really open source? Depends on who you ask. Here’s how to try out the new engine for yourself​.

The post Meta Inches Toward Open-Source AI With New LLaMA 3.1 appeared first on Linux Today.

BIND 9.20 Debuts, Promise Boosted DNS Performance

BIND 9.20 DNS server rolls out with enhanced DNSSEC support, a new database backend, a streamlined core, and more.

The post BIND 9.20 Debuts, Promise Boosted DNS Performance appeared first on Linux Today.

Hyprland Completes Independence from wlroots

Hyprland has completed its move off of wlroots and is now a fully independent Wayland compositor. Here’s more on that!

The post Hyprland Completes Independence from wlroots appeared first on Linux Today.

26 Security Hardening Tips for Modern Linux Servers

In this post, we’ll explain 25 useful tips and tricks to secure your Linux system. We hope these tips and tricks will help you secure your system.

The post 26 Security Hardening Tips for Modern Linux Servers appeared first on Linux Today.

How to Install OBS Studio on Ubuntu and Other Linux Distros

Discover a step-by-step guide to installing OBS Studio on your Ubuntu system and other Linux distros with practical examples.

The post How to Install OBS Studio on Ubuntu and Other Linux Distros appeared first on Linux Today.

GamingOnLinux Latest Articles

Truckful is a gorgeous looking trucking delivery game with something dark lurking

Truckful has been announced by MythicOwl, who recently released the really wonderful Planetiles and Truckful looks like one not to be missed.

Fallout: London mod for Fallout 4 has released today on GOG

Fallout: London, the hotly anticipated game-changing mod for Fallout 4 is now finally available via GOG, because it's simply too big for modding…

STALKER 2 delayed until November to fix unexpected anomalies

GSC Game World have decided to again delay the release of STALKER 2, as it's simply not ready for the public yet.

Hexis is a slightly chaotic spin on Tetris where blocks come in all directions

This isn't your classic Tetris, this is Hexis, a block-falling puzzle game about building up your high score but the blocks will come from all…

Check out the demo for MetalMercs with retro real-time tactical mech squad action

MetalMercs could be a good one for those of you who love customizable mech combat action, and this time it's not turn-based it's actually real-time.

Dragon Age: The Veilguard gets Steam Deck Verified well ahead of release

Well that's a lovely surprise. Dragon Age: The Veilguard just got Steam Deck Verified, showing that Valve have been testing it ready for the upcoming…

Top-down Terraria-like 'Necesse' gets a huge graphics update on August 10

Necesse is an impressive game but the graphics were a bit on the plain side. This changes dramatically on August 10 with the exciting Graphics Update.

Horticular is a beautifully relaxing garden-restoring game inspired by Viva Pinata

Inspired in parts by both Viva Pinata and Rollercoaster Tycoon, inDirection Games and Slug Disco just released Horticular and it's as sweet as they…

Besiege: The Splintered Sea Expansion gets more levels in the latest update

Besiege: The Splintered Sea Expansion was already really clever, and now it's just that little bit bigger and better thanks to a recent update.

Huge factory sim Shapez 2 releases on August 15 with over 300k wishlists

It's almost time to get cutting some shapes, with the Early Access release of Shapez 2 coming on August 15.

The new detachable JSAUX Dock will fit a Steam Deck, ROG Ally X, Legion Go and more

You have to hand it to JSAUX, they have something for everything at this point. And they just launched their new 6-in-1 JSAUX Dock that can be pulled…

In Hollow Survivors: Prologue you play as one of the few remaining sane Hollows

Hollow Survivors: Prologue is out today, giving us a slice of what to expect from this rogue-lite dungeon crawler where you play as one of the few…

Check out the demo for ColdRidge a Wild West turn-based exploration game

Made with Godot Engine, ColdRidge is a cowboy themed Wild West turn-based exploration game that looks really worth your time.

Humble Games confirmed a 'restructuring of operations' with reports of all staff gone

Tough times for indies, as Humble Games have confirmed they've done a "restructuring" of the publisher with previous staff saying everyone…

Kitsune Tails will be a platformer to remember, full of mini-games and powerful modding tools

Kitsune Tails, the platformer styled after beloved classics and steeped in Japanese mythology, shows off a bunch of retro minigames and some pretty…

Apple design award winner Afterplace just released on PC with Linux support

Originally a mobile game that won an Apple design award, Afterplace is an open world adventurous retro game for those who like to get lost. Today it…

Deep space colony sim Stardeus gets a massive overhaul in a new update

Get ready to put together a spaceship again, as the deep space colony sim Stardeus has a really massive update out now and it's looking great.…

NVIDIA 560 Linux driver Beta has Wayland improvements, defaults to open GPU kernel modules

NVIDIA has released a fresh Beta to get you testing all the latest features and fixes. So here's what's new in the NVIDIA 560.28.03 driver Beta for…

DRAG returns as ExoCross, an offroad racing game with 4CPT vehicle physics

Remember DRAG from Orontes Games? A while back they joined up with iRacing and now the game has returned finished as the future off-road racing sim…

ChimeraOS 46 brings major upgrades and enhanced handheld support for GPD, AYANEO, OneXPlayer

ChimeraOS Linux 46 has released today and there's a whole lot of improvements for this handheld and couch-gaming focused Linux distro.

Codename: Ocean Keeper takes Dome Keeper and puts you in an underwater twin-stick mech

Take the mining and defense idea from Dome Keeper, stick you in an underwater mech with exploration and twin-stick shooting and you've got Codename:…

Check out the new demo for KILLBEAT a rhythm shooter roguelike

A rhythm shooter roguelike sounds like a really fun idea, and now you can try it yourself in KILLBEAT which just released a demo with Native Linux…

Proton Experimental gets fixes for Ubisoft Connect, Once Human, Burnout Paradise Remastered

July 22nd saw a new release of Proton Experimental from Valve, as work continues as always towards the next main release of the Windows compatibility…

Fanatical just launched an Elite Collection Steam Deck bundle

If you need some more interesting games for Steam Deck (and desktop Linux!), Fanatical launched the Build your own Play on the Go - Elite Collection.

Party-based soulslike Deathbound aims to be Steam Deck Verified at release

Trialforge Studio and Tate Multimedia are bringing their party-based soulslike set in a harsh world where Faith clashes with Science to Steam on…

Immersive idle RPG 'Bloobs Adventure' recently got lots of Steam Deck improvements

Bloobs Adventure is an idle game with a difference, bringing together adventuring and RPG styled mechanics into a more casual game.

Developing a Video Game with Unreal Engine 5 on Linux

In November 2022, we started a side project in my company, a video game called Cuprum 2929. Because I love Linux (being a full user since 2009) and…

Open-ended physics building-puzzler Captain Contraption's Chocolate Factory is out now with a demo

Build various contraptions in an almost Zachtronics-like automation puzzle game, Captain Contraption's Chocolate Factory is quite reasonably priced…

Guide vampires through centuries of emotional baggage in Vampire Therapist - out now

Poor old Vampires, they've been through a lot right? Well as a Vampire Therapist, it's your job to deal with all their weird issues.

It's officially Hammer time! In the BONK JAM mod for Quake

Once you've blasted through The Immortal Lock quake mod I covered recently, why not jump into BONK JAM which is quite hilarious looking.

Oxygen Not Included: The Frosty Planet Pack is out now

Oxygen Not Included has a new expansion out with The Frosty Planet Pack, which seems like a chill way to blow through another few hundred hours.

FlatOut 1, 2 and Ultimate Carnage now Steam Deck Verified with Steam Workshop support

ZOOM Platform put out a major update for FlatOut 1, 2 and Ultimate Carnage with all three now Steam Deck Verified.

Children of Morta, Celeste, Webbed, Hero's Hour and more in this pixel game humble bundle

Another new and rather awesome set of games here in the Pixels with Porpoise Humble Bundle. If you don't already own the game, this is a top deal.

Just Crow Things looks rather chaotic and releases August 15

From developer Unbound Creations who made the funny Rain on Your Parade, they've just announced Just Crow Things will release on August 15th.

Get a whole lot of Tropico and Railway Empire in this Humble Bundle

The Management Material: Tropico and more from Kalypso Humble Bundle has arrived, and overall it looks like a really nice deal.

Acre Crisis looks like a fun throwback to the original Dino Crisis

Directly inspired by the visual style of classic PlayStation 1 (PS1) games, Acre Crisis has a lot of clear Dino Crisis vibes and it's out now.

Bazzite Linux 3.6 out now bringing full ASUS ROG Ally X support

Bazzite, the "next generation of Linux gaming" has a new release out with Bazzite 3.6 bringing support for the new ASUS ROG Ally X handheld.

Streets of Rogue 2 delayed until October 22 - Playtest coming soon

While I'm a little sad to wait a bit longer, I know the delay for Streets of Rogue 2 is going to be worth it. Originally planned to hit Early Access…

1047 Games announced Splitgate 2 for release in 2025

1047 Games have now revealed Splitgate 2, an upcoming free to play shooter building on the basics of the original.

Valve reveal dates for first half of 2025 Steam Sales and Fests

While we're only about half way through 2024, we of course knew to expect plenty of sales and events on Steam next year so here's a look at what's to…

iFixit released a Steam Deck Toolkit

If you're looking to tinker with your Steam Deck you will need some tools, so iFixit have just released a mini-essentials kit to get you going.

Team Fortress 2 gets a Summer Event Update, new comic on the way

Valve have updated the free to play Team Fortress 2, with a new Summer Event that runs through September 15th, 2024.

NVIDIA talk up their transition to open source GPU kernel modules

Back in May 2022, NVIDIA surprise released their open source Linux GPU kernel modules, and they've steadily been improving their open source support…

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint adds full gamepad support and Steam Deck improvements

A little heist on the go perhaps? Cyber Knights: Flashpoint from Trese Brothers is steadily turning into a favourite turn-based tactics game and now…

Blender 4.2 is another crazy-big release

From game devs to movies and all sorts, Blender is a truly incredible bit of free and open source tech and it has evolved a lot with Blender 4.2 out…

No Man's Sky - Worlds Part I is out now and drastically transforms the planets

Ah hell, here we go again. Hello Games just released another massive free update to No Man's Sky with Worlds Part I out now.

Get a Drawful 2 free with The Jackbox Megapicker for the first 30 days after release

Jackbox Games are soon to release The Jackbox Megapicker, which is basically a launcher that shows all their games so you won't need to keep…

Fanatical's Bundle Bash has new game bundles every day this week

If you're in need of a fresh set of games, you may want to hop over to Fanatical's Bundle Bash as they're putting out a new bundle every day this…

Enlisted from Gaijin and Darkflow returns to Steam and now free to play

After initially releasing on Steam as Enlisted: Reinforced back in March, it was quickly taken down but now it's back on Steam just as Enlisted.

TheForceEngine adds initial Dark Forces Remaster support

TheForceEngine is an open source modern "Jedi Engine" replacement supporting Dark Forces, mods, and in the future Outlaws. A new release…