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Birdie Twitter App to be Rewritten

By Andrew Powell, published 27/02/2014 in News

It was only a bit over a week ago that I wrote an article on the Birdie Twitter application. Well, now the Birdie team is scrapping the current codebase and looks to be rebooting the application as Birdie 2.0.

In a blog post titled "It's time to say goodbye" on the 26th February 2014, the Birdie Development Team announced that it was time to say goodbye to the Birdie Twitter client. Or at least, "Birdie as we know it".

The team basically plans to completely ditch the current codebase and start over - as Birdie 2.0. They claim that it's on the way already and going to be "better than ever". The reasoning for the change, according to the blog post, is that while Birdie started out as a simple elementary OS application, it gathered some attention from notable online presences and the popularity of the application "exploded".

As the app was suddenly being used by users on many, many other Linux distributions, the team believe that Birdie started to show flaws and while features and improvements were being added all the time, they say that they "believe the experience isn't as good" as they would like it to be.

While Birdie, version 1.x, is effectively dead and buried, Birdie 2.0 is said to be coming with "things like streaming, blazing fast performance and great stability". The GitHub issue tracker for the current codebase has been shutdown, but the Birdie team says that the new Birdie 2.0 code will reach GitHub soon and the issue tracker will then be re-enabled.

The first incarnation of Birdie proved to be a quite popular Twitter client for Linux and many were very optimistic for what it could become. If that first version of Birdie was any indication of what Birdie 2.0 could be, but even more improved, it could be one to watch.

And of course, when Birdie 2.0 comes around and is in a usable state, we'll be sure to have another look at the application here on The Linux Rain!

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