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Introducing Sudo Satirical

By Andrew Powell, published 05/05/2017 in Announcements

Recently on The Linux Rain I wrote about some recent changes to the site and towards the end of that article I made mention of a new category that had shown up on TLR: satire. Well, in the interest of keeping The Linux Rain fully on its track and focussed, say hello to a new site. Say hello to Sudo Satirical.

In that article, I said I was still mulling it over in my head as to what direction to take. That being either continuing with occasional satirical articles here on The Linux Rain or to create an entirely new site, to keep it separated.

In the end, I finally made an executive decision, as the more I thought about it, the more I didn't want this site to be 'diluted', if you will. Everything that you see show up on the homepage of TLR should be able to be taken for what it is, especially in this day and age of "fake news" and everyone having to be sure of what they are reading. In saying that, I welcome lightheartedness and humour on TLR, obviously, but it has its time and place and I felt like outright satire and especially anything more than just the occasional piece should probably generally be separated, and just let TLR do what it does best.

With that, let's welcome the new site - Sudo Satirical.

Everything will continue on at TLR as per normal, while over at Sudo Satirical you'll be able to get a dose of FOSS-related madness and hopefully a bit of a laugh. The site is very new and still technically under construction, but content is perfectly readable (I hope!). It's built with the static site generator Hugo and has absolutely no ads or anything of the kind, so it's fast and completely unobtrusive. Ironically, it even has permanent SSL (https) enabled, which not even TLR has at the moment (working on it!).

If it's your kind of thing, why not drop by and maybe subscribe to the RSS feed? Social media links will be appearing over time as well.

Peace out.

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Andrew Powell is the editor and owner of The Linux Rain who loves all things Linux, gaming and everything in between.

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