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Humble Indie Bundle 11 Adds 3 More Games; Plus! Portal 2 Beta Arrives

By Andrew Powell, published 26/02/2014 in News

Humble Indie Bundle 11 adds another three games plus Valve announces the release of the Portal 2 beta for Linux!

Humble Indie Bundle 11 launched last week, featuring six cross-platform games, although at this stage only five are completely Linux compatible.

As usual the three additional games have arrived:

  • FEZ
  • Starseed Pilgrim
  • Beat Buddy

The average purchase price as of writing is $4.61 and over 385,200 bundles have been sold.

If you wish to buy the Bundle if you haven't already or get the extra games, see the Humble Bundle page.

Portal 2 arrives in the land of penguins and gnus

In other Linux gaming news today, Valve has announced the arrival of the long awaited Portal 2 beta!

Portal 2 being ported to Linux also will allow The Stanley Parable to be ported to the platform as well, which is sure to make many gamers happy.

To access Portal 2 on Steam for Linux, Valve says you "you need to opt into the Beta from the Portal 2 properties in your Steam Library".

If you don't already own Portal 2 you can purchase it on Steam.

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