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GNOME Recipes to Receive Interface Improvements, New Recipes and Cuisines

By Andrew Powell, published 06/05/2017 in News

A few months back we took a look at the new GNOME Recipes app that's currently in heavy development. Matthias Clasen has announced that along with a growing team of developers, some further improvements are on the way, both in terms of user experience and the selection of recipes and cuisines available.

In a blog post, Matthias detailed some of the improvements that will "hopefully appear in a development release soon".

"With the big push towards 1.0 now over, the development in GNOME recipes has moved to a more relaxed pace. But that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening! In fact, our team is growing, we will have two interns joining us this cycle, Ekta and Paxana."

Matthias says that while they're waiting for the new interns, Ekta and Paxana, to get started on some of the big projects, such as sharing and unit conversion, a number of smaller improvements are already on the way.

Some of the improvements are:

  • More Recipes: Quite a number of the GNOME community themselves have apparently contributed a number of recipes

  • More Cuisines: Along with more recipes, more cuisines. So much so, a new expander box was added to the interface to accommodate the extra listings

  • Inline Editing: Inline editing approach for the ingredients list, which is now a shared widget between the edit page and details page, reducing the number of heavy popovers

  • Drag and Drop reordering of the Ingredients list: Proper drag and drop support, replacing the more old stop-gap solution of up/down arrow buttons

  • Temperature Conversion: Temperature units will be picked up by system locale instead of the current reliance of a setting in the Preferences pane

Along with new recipes, the GNOME team also apparently found that the release tarball would be too large, amassing around 100MB. To avoid this escalating problem, Matthias says the current development release "downloads all recipe and image data at runtime, when needed", rather than including it all in the tarball. The GNOME Recipes team will be interested to see user feedback on how well that works out.

For more information see the aforementioned blog post. If you would like to install and test out GNOME Recipes, see our recent article on GNOME Recipes.

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