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A Linux Rain Update - Nope, not dead

By Andrew Powell, published 23/01/2014 in Announcements

For any of those who may be following this site's progress recently during it's quite short life, thus far, you may have noticed the rate of articles has slowed dramatically. And in fact, the last week or so has nearly been a standstill.
Fear not however - we are not dead.

Quite simply, as this is still a pretty much one-man endeavour (ie. me), I've found that posting news articles in particular to be very difficult on a regular basis, especially during the holiday season which is actually not so much actual holidays in my line of work in the real world.

As such, at least for the time being, I figure I may place way less emphasis on the news articles, unless it is something big or I find it to be personally worth covering rather than simply trying to scour for all the current relevant Linux-related news and trying to keep up.

There isn't any great point anyway, to be honest, because while I personally do enjoy posting a bit of news and providing it in the best way that is intended here on The Linux Rain, the truth of the matter is those sorts of news tidbits are already well covered by many other Linux-related websites out there.

As I alluded to in my Cities in Motion article, it's for this reason I often leave the various Linux gaming news and announcements, especially "X-game is coming to Linux" type articles etc, to the likes of because they already do such informative content so well. So why duplicate?

I may instead decide to implement an RSS-feed on the main page of this site for that kind of content, so that those articles (such as the news articles) from those sources we endorse can be easily found and visited while you're on The Linux Rain.

Regardless though, you can be sure that all other content here remains the same. There are more articles coming soon! A look at ROSA R2 Fresh LXDE edition is likely the next article coming your way, plus more game/software reviews and perhaps a couple opinion pieces on the way.

Of course, if you wished to contribute to The Linux Rain and post news articles to help out, see here.

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