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Geolocation using Python


Geolocating is the process of retrieving location-related information about a given IP address. And yes! It can be done using Python! So, let’s get right to it. The first thing to do is to recover the html code from the webpage using the following: import requests from bs4 import BeautifulSoup u…

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Python for Data Science: Data Visualization


Python can be used to generate from simple to very complex graphs. In this segment, we’ll learn how to graph using python. Simple Linear Plot The first graph we should learn how to plot is a simple linear plot. Suppose that we have the following: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt x = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

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Tor Browser: Anonymity and Beyond


There are three types of web: the surface web, the deep web, and the dark web. All that you can access using your Google browser is known as the surface web - it is visible to one and all. The deep web is all information that is under lock and key. In other words, we don’t have access to it. The d…

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The Linux Rain is Now Brave Verified ✔


For those of you using the Brave web browser, I'm pleased to report we (The Linux Rain) are now Brave Verified. What does this mean? Well if you're using Brave, you're probably familiar with Brave Rewards, BAT (Basic Attention Token) and all that entails. So with being a Brave Verified Creator, we…

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Security Auditing Tools For Ubuntu


Malware, where aren’t thou found? Well, even our wonderful Ubuntu can be infected. So what can we do about it? Hope and pray we keep our system safe and better yet, audit our systems regularly for malwares and rootkits. There are 4 system auditors for Ubuntu that we will review - lynis, rkhunter, c…

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Hacking WPA2 WiFi Networks


Whatever the reason for wanting to hack a wifi network, it is nonetheless doable. In fact, it’s become child’s play these days. First, let’s install aircrack-ng sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng Next, we need to put our wireless card into monitor mode. Monitor mode permits you to listen to other wirel…

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Sending an Email Using Python


Ever wanted to send emails using just Python? A few lines of code and you don’t even need to log into your Gmail account to email anyone in the world. In fact, you can do this in your terminal. First, open up your terminal and create a file. I will call mine “”. nano Now, let’s add som…

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How to Set systemd to Hibernate Instead of Suspend on Laptop Lid Close


In this article we'll be seeing how to change the setting that sets how systemd (the most common init system on GNU/Linux systems) handles lid closes. By default, when you close the lid on your laptop it will in most cases suspend (sleep). What if you wish to for the system to hibernate instead?…

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SSH Tunneling


In SSH tunneling, an encrypted channel is created between an ssh client and an ssh server. Information flowing within the encrypted tunnel is secure and thus cannot be intercepted. This type of service is in particular used when running insecure protocols such as TightVNC. They can also be used to…

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Rainbow Tables


All passwords in all databases are stored as hashes. Even on a Windows machine, when you set your password, the system doesn’t store the password in plain text – it doesn’t keep it in a readable format. It is instead passed through a hashing algorithm that turns the plain text password into a hash. The h…

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Featured Linux Game Reviews

Review: DiRT Rally


Yet another game in the porting lineup by Linux gaming heros, Feral Interactive, DiRT Rally is a racing game focussing on, you guessed it: rallying. As opposed to the largely arcade oriented DiRT Showdown released a few years prior, DiRT Rally is very much intended as a simulation, delivering…

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Review: Trigger Time


Trigger Time is described as a story-driven, top-down 2D shooter with a gravity gun and physics puzzle elements with some cutscenes amongst the 9 levels of shoot-em up action. Amidst a world full of indie top-down shoot-em ups, does Trigger Time deliver enough to be different? Developer: Shephf…

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Review: Spec Ops: The Line


The bullets screamed past Walker's ears, piercing the dust-ridden air. The only consolation of being aware of the sharp hot cracks through the air from the bullets whizzing by meant that he was still alive. His fellow Delta Force teammates, Lugo and Adams, were crouched nearby on the flanks behind…

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Review: Yooka-Laylee


3D platformer and Banjo-Kazooie fans rejoice - Yooka-Laylee recently landed for all major platforms, including our very own Linux. As a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie in particular, and created by a team made up of former Rare members, Yooka-Laylee has been a much hyped and anticipated game.…

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Review: HITMAN - The Complete First Season


Here at TLR we recently had a 'first impressions' look at the newly released game in the Hitman series of video games. It is also the debut for the Hitman series on Linux, thanks to the porting efforts of Linux and Mac porting company, Feral Interactive. Having racked up more hours of gameplay and…

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Broken Age: Act 2 Review


Way back in early 2014 I reviewed Act 1 of Double Fine Productions's quirky and colourful adventure, Broken Age. Somewhere along the line I assume I was either hit in the head or started living under a rock (perhaps both), because it wasn't until very recently that I got to playing Act 2. I gave…

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Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist Linux Game Review


Times have been better, for Boyle Wolfbane. He and his unfortunate but loyal minions, along with his most faithful minion and pet, Fang, tried taking over the world like all of the best and most powerful dark lords do. Emphasis on 'tried', because Boyle failed. Miserably. Aveyond 4: Shadow of the…

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[Game Review] The Journey Down: Chapter Two


Released on the 25th of August 2014, The Journey Down: Chapter Two is the second installment in The Journey Down video game series, a classic point and click adventure inspired by much-loved classic titles such as Grim Fandango. Described as having a "Afro-Caribbean vibe", a quick look at…

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Review: Broken Age - Act 1


A sheltered, over-protected, bored boy in space. A girl in a fairytale style land who is thrust into becoming an offering to a giant sea monster. Talking trees. Hippy lumberjacks. Broken Age has it all. And then some. Broken Age (Act 1) is a point and click adventure game officially released by…

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Review: Euro Truck Simulator 2


If you've never been a real sim game buff or especially never played a game the likes of the Euro Truck Simulator series, you would probably snicker or roll your eyes at the idea of driving trucks from A to B, often long hauls, being "fun". But you know, I once thought the same thing!…

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Linux Today

10 Practical Examples of Using the Gzip Command in Linux

In this guide, we will use practical examples to demonstrate how to use the gzip command to compress files in Linux.

The post 10 Practical Examples of Using the Gzip Command in Linux appeared first on Linux Today.

LibreOffice 7.5.4 Office Suite Released With 80+ Bug Fixes

LibreOffice 7.5.4 addresses a total of 83 bugs that have been reported by users or discovered by the LibreOffice developers. Learn more here.

The post LibreOffice 7.5.4 Office Suite Released With 80+ Bug Fixes appeared first on Linux Today.

KDE Gear 23.04.2 Improves Dolphin, Kdenlive, Other KDE Apps

KDE Gear 23.04.2 now allows user to configure the Dolphin file manager to remember opened tabs on launch. Learn more here.

The post KDE Gear 23.04.2 Improves Dolphin, Kdenlive, Other KDE Apps appeared first on Linux Today.

Cinnamon 5.8 Desktop Released With Gestures, Dark Mode, Styles

Among the cool new features in Cinnamon 5.8 is XDG Desktop Portal support, which will provide better compatibility for Flatpak apps.

The post Cinnamon 5.8 Desktop Released With Gestures, Dark Mode, Styles appeared first on Linux Today.

postmarketOS 23.06 Arrives for Linux Phones, Tablets With GNOME Mobile

postmarketOS 23.06 is here as the first-ever version to ship the GNOME Shell UI (GNOME Mobile) graphical interface for supported phones and tablets. Learn more here.

The post postmarketOS 23.06 Arrives for Linux Phones, Tablets With GNOME Mobile appeared first on Linux Today.

How to Install Latest Kernel in Ubuntu, Linux Mint

This simple tutorial demonstrates how to install the latest mainline Linux kernel to Ubuntu and Linux Mint current versions.

The post How to Install Latest Kernel in Ubuntu, Linux Mint appeared first on Linux Today.

Linux mkdir Command Examples

In this guide, we will use practical examples to demonstrate how the mkdir command is used to create a directory.

The post Linux mkdir Command Examples appeared first on Linux Today.

Install Google Web Designer on Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04 LTS Linux

Learn how to install Google Web Designer on your Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04 LTS Linux desktop, and unleash your creativity in web design.

The post Install Google Web Designer on Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04 LTS Linux appeared first on Linux Today.

Install Google Earth on Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04: Complete Guide

Learn how to easily install Google Earth on your Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04 LTS Linux system and explore the world in stunning detail on your desktop.

The post Install Google Earth on Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04: Complete Guide appeared first on Linux Today.

openSUSE Leap 15.5 Brings KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS, Xfce 4.18

openSUSE Leap 15.5 is powered by the same Linux 5.14 kernel as Leap 15.4 but with added drivers for better hardware support. Learn more here.

The post openSUSE Leap 15.5 Brings KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS, Xfce 4.18 appeared first on Linux Today.

GamingOnLinux Latest Articles

Overkill drops Linux support for PAYDAY 2

PAYDAY 2 came to Linux officially back in 2016 but as of today they've removed support for it, so it will no longer see updates on the Native Linux…

Check out the new trailer for Cyber Knights: Flashpoint a squad-tactics heist RPG

Currently in development from Trese Brothers who made Star Traders: Frontiers and Templar Battleforce, the upcoming Cyber Knights: Flashpoint looks…

Three Minutes To Eight announced by developer of ENCODYA and Clunky Hero

Three Minutes To Eight is the latest game coming from Chaosmonger Studio following ENCODYA and Clunky Hero, this time with publishing help from…

GuliKit reveal an upgraded anti-drift thumbstick module for Steam Deck

While the Steam Deck is a fantastic handheld devices, there's always going to be ways to make it better and GuliKit just revealed an upgraded version…

Use a camera to solve puzzles in hand-drawn adventure TOEM

TOEM, a hand-drawn black and white adventure puzzle game from developer Something We Made now has a Native Linux build available.

Fantasy buddy-cop RPG 'My Familiar' looks great with a demo up

Up for trying out a new buddy-cop RPG? My Familiar has a fantastic art-style and really looks like something that could be a bit special.

Colony building strategy game Imagine Earth adds Linux support

Imagine Earth from developer Serious Bros that originally released back in May 2021 just got upgraded, and now it has Native Linux support.

Humble Bundle have a Pixel Pride Bundle up

Here's a collection of wonderful inclusive games to celebrate Pride Month, with Humble Bundle putting up the Pixel Pride Bundle. Here's what to…

Trails & Tales update out now for Minecraft

Time to jump back in and punch some blocks? There's quite a lot that's new for Minecraft in Trails & Tales and it all sounds pretty fun!

Hearts of Iron IV: Arms Against Tyranny to focus on Scandinavia and Finland

Scandinavia and Finland are a big focus in the newly announced Hearts of Iron IV: Arms Against Tyranny expansion releasing later this year.

GOG made it simpler to publish on their store, plus their Pride Month celebration

GOG announced today they've taken a step towards making it easier to get games onto their store, and more clear on what they won't accept.

Roguelite vehicle combat game REDLINE CROOKS is pure chaos

REDLINE CROOKS from developer Alexander Golke is a top-down 2D roguelite about smashing vehicles into more vehicles. It's pure unfiltered chaos and I…

GE-Proton 8-4 is out now with game fixes and other upgrades

GE-Proton 8-4 is the latest release of the community-made compatibility layer for Steam Deck and desktop Linux gaming. Here's what's new and changed.

Bullet hell game Survivors of the Dawn features mini campaign, text events

Survivors of the Dawn is another bullet hell horde game in the spirit of Vampire Survivors and the many others now like it but it does a few things…

CurseForge and Bukkit get hit with malware for Minecraft mods

Just a bit of a PSA here for anyone diving into Minecraft modding, as recently there's been a problem on both CurseForge and Bukkit with malware.

Amnesia: The Bunker is stressful horror done the right way

Amnesia: The Bunker is the latest in a series of horror games from Frictional Games, one that feels a lot like Alien: Isolation with a WW1 theme.

Humble Choice for June 2023 has Ghostwire: Tokyo and Remnant: From the Ashes

Need even more games to fill up your Summer with? Humble Choice for June 2023 is out now with some fresh games and here's a run over what to expect…

A fully transparent Steam Deck mod is on the way

We've had transparent backplates for the Steam Deck for a while now but what about the front? Well, they're on the way from two different companies.

Dead Cells hits over 10 million sales

Something that not many indie titles are able to do, Dead Cells has now managed to hit over 10 million sales and still going strong.

Sandtrix is Tetris with sand - delightful, free and renamed after a DMCA

Have a few minutes to kill here and there? Sandtrix could be what you need. It's free, has a Linux version and got the attention of Tetris Holding,…

Transform creatures into tools in puzzle-platformer Transmogrify now with Linux support

Released originally back in April, Transmogrify is a puzzle-platformer where you play as Chris — a janitor stranded at Future Perfect Labs…

Claim a free copy of Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs on GOG

To celebrate the release of the new Amnesia: The Bunker, GOG are giving away free copies of Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs.

Proton Experimental fixes up Halo MCC, Ubisoft Connect, Creativerse

Valve has released an update to Proton Experimental, bringing with it a few nice fixes for issues in various games so here's a run over what's…

Diablo 4 on Steam Deck is quite magnificent (and desktop Linux too!)

Diablo 4 is just about to release for everyone, and after blasting through the Early Access I've been thoroughly impressed by how it runs on Steam…

Quasimorph is a brutal sci-fi extraction roguelike

As it turns out, bringing extraction mechanics into a modern roguelike works like a charm. Here's some thoughts on Quasimorph.

Canonical planning an immutable desktop version of Ubuntu

This could be very interesting and exciting. Canonical has confirmed they're working towards an immutable version of Ubuntu for desktop users based…

NonSteamLaunchers adds support for the Minecraft Launcher and lots of bug fixes

The really interesting project NonSteamLaunchers to get all sorts of third-party launchers on Steam Deck like, EA, Epic Games and more has…

TailQuest Defense is a charming mix of exploration and tower defense

After being in development for 5 years, TailQuest Defense is finally here as one of the most ambitious early Godot Engine games.

dbrand bring out a universal mount for Steam Deck Killswitch

Do you have the Killswitch case for your Steam Deck? Well dbrand have come up with their own universal mount so you can strap anything you want to…

Try the demo of Lueur and the Dim Settlers, a minimalist and relaxing survival builder

With a minimalist art style and a more casual setting, Lueur and the Dim Settlers is a genuine little delight to play for those after a city-builder…

System76 working on a standalone PC case, plus a big Open Firmware upgrade

System76 are the company behind the popular Pop!_OS Linux distribution, plus various laptops and desktops and now they're expanding once again.

Halls of Torment hits over 70K sales in the first week

Here's a nice little indie success story for you! Halls of Torment from Chasing Carrots launched on May 24th into Early Access with Native Linux…

Linux hits a multi-year high for user share on Steam thanks to Steam Deck

After some recent weirdness where March saw a big drop, the Steam Hardware & Software Survey for May 2023 is now showing the Linux share at a…

ELDEN RING tops the Steam Deck most played for May 2023

Once again, ELDEN RING has managed to become the number 1 most played game on Steam Deck, after hovering close to it over the last couple of months.… is hosting another big Queer Games Bundle for Pride Month

It's LGBT Pride Month which means there's another big bundle of games available in the Queer Games Bundle now on

AirJet from Frore Systems could be great cooling for a Steam Deck 2

If there's one thing I truly want from a Steam Deck 2 aside from the usual performance related upgrades, it would be better cooling and less noise.…

Humble has an awesome metroidvania bundle not to be missed

Humble Bundle just released their latest bundle and phew, if you like metroidvania styled game this is a cracking good deal overall not to be missed.

Proton Experimental update fixes "many" games on Steam Deck and desktop Linux

Valve has put out a small update to Proton Experimental, which should fix many games due to a regression that was hiding away.

Steam Deck OS update brings graphics driver fixes - ready up for SteamOS 3.5

Valve has now released two small graphics driver updates for Steam Deck OS (SteamOS) 3.4.8, which means the Preview update channel is now ready for a…

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Physics be damned, go build some crazy stuff in Poly Bridge 3

Dry Cactus have now released Poly Bridge 3, the latest in their multi-million selling physics-based bridge-building puzzle game series and it looks…

New Stars is a slimmed down quicker Stellaris-like strategy sim

Need your 4x space fix but find the likes of Stellaris just a bit too long? Perhaps keep an eye on the upcoming release of New Stars.

The OmniCase 2 from JSAUX is a quality USB-C hub worth grabbing

A while ago hardware accessory maker JSAUX sent over the OmniCase 2 Pro, and it's a great USB-C hub worth grabbing if you need some extra ports for a…

Heroic Games Launcher 2.8.0 adds a DLC manager for Epic Games, side-loading browser apps

Heroic Games Launcher, my favourite way to get Epic Games and GOG on Steam Deck and desktop Linux released v2.8.0 with some great new features -…

Get, EA, Epic Games and more on Steam Deck the easy way

There's many different ways to get third-party launchers onto Steam Deck like, EA, Epic Games and many others. Here's one way that does…

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart hits Steam on July 26th as Sony continue their PC expansion

Sony PlayStation, Insomniac Games and Nixxes Software are bringing Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart to Steam as Sony continue bringing more console…

Settlement-building strategy game Circle of Kerzoven is up on Kickstarter

Made with Godot Engine with full Native Linux support planned, Circle of Kerzoven is an upcoming settlement-building strategy game with some heavy…

NVIDIA driver 535.43.02 Beta for Linux updates Wayland support, new Vulkan extensions

NVIDIA has released the 535.43.02 Beta driver for Linux today, bringing with it support for multiple newer Vulkan extensions and extends Wayland…

The Outlast Trials manages to sell over 500K in the first week

The Outlast Trials released from Red Barrels on May 18th was something a bit special, with it Steam Deck Verified and working great on desktop Linux…

Do some drifting with a cruise ship in Summer Trip Cruise

Summer Trip Cruise looks like a fun little game, giving you control of a cruise ship that you need to keep afloat while avoiding various obstacles…