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Geolocation using Python


Geolocating is the process of retrieving location-related information about a given IP address. And yes! It can be done using Python! So, let’s get right to it. The first thing to do is to recover the html code from the webpage using the following: import requests from bs4 import BeautifulSoup u…

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Python for Data Science: Data Visualization


Python can be used to generate from simple to very complex graphs. In this segment, we’ll learn how to graph using python. Simple Linear Plot The first graph we should learn how to plot is a simple linear plot. Suppose that we have the following: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt x = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

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Tor Browser: Anonymity and Beyond


There are three types of web: the surface web, the deep web, and the dark web. All that you can access using your Google browser is known as the surface web - it is visible to one and all. The deep web is all information that is under lock and key. In other words, we don’t have access to it. The d…

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The Linux Rain is Now Brave Verified ✔


For those of you using the Brave web browser, I'm pleased to report we (The Linux Rain) are now Brave Verified. What does this mean? Well if you're using Brave, you're probably familiar with Brave Rewards, BAT (Basic Attention Token) and all that entails. So with being a Brave Verified Creator, we…

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Security Auditing Tools For Ubuntu


Malware, where aren’t thou found? Well, even our wonderful Ubuntu can be infected. So what can we do about it? Hope and pray we keep our system safe and better yet, audit our systems regularly for malwares and rootkits. There are 4 system auditors for Ubuntu that we will review - lynis, rkhunter, c…

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Hacking WPA2 WiFi Networks


Whatever the reason for wanting to hack a wifi network, it is nonetheless doable. In fact, it’s become child’s play these days. First, let’s install aircrack-ng sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng Next, we need to put our wireless card into monitor mode. Monitor mode permits you to listen to other wirel…

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Sending an Email Using Python


Ever wanted to send emails using just Python? A few lines of code and you don’t even need to log into your Gmail account to email anyone in the world. In fact, you can do this in your terminal. First, open up your terminal and create a file. I will call mine “”. nano Now, let’s add som…

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How to Set systemd to Hibernate Instead of Suspend on Laptop Lid Close


In this article we'll be seeing how to change the setting that sets how systemd (the most common init system on GNU/Linux systems) handles lid closes. By default, when you close the lid on your laptop it will in most cases suspend (sleep). What if you wish to for the system to hibernate instead?…

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SSH Tunneling


In SSH tunneling, an encrypted channel is created between an ssh client and an ssh server. Information flowing within the encrypted tunnel is secure and thus cannot be intercepted. This type of service is in particular used when running insecure protocols such as TightVNC. They can also be used to…

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Rainbow Tables


All passwords in all databases are stored as hashes. Even on a Windows machine, when you set your password, the system doesn’t store the password in plain text – it doesn’t keep it in a readable format. It is instead passed through a hashing algorithm that turns the plain text password into a hash. The h…

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Featured Linux Game Reviews

Review: DiRT Rally


Yet another game in the porting lineup by Linux gaming heros, Feral Interactive, DiRT Rally is a racing game focussing on, you guessed it: rallying. As opposed to the largely arcade oriented DiRT Showdown released a few years prior, DiRT Rally is very much intended as a simulation, delivering…

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Review: Trigger Time


Trigger Time is described as a story-driven, top-down 2D shooter with a gravity gun and physics puzzle elements with some cutscenes amongst the 9 levels of shoot-em up action. Amidst a world full of indie top-down shoot-em ups, does Trigger Time deliver enough to be different? Developer: Shephf…

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Review: Spec Ops: The Line


The bullets screamed past Walker's ears, piercing the dust-ridden air. The only consolation of being aware of the sharp hot cracks through the air from the bullets whizzing by meant that he was still alive. His fellow Delta Force teammates, Lugo and Adams, were crouched nearby on the flanks behind…

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Review: Yooka-Laylee


3D platformer and Banjo-Kazooie fans rejoice - Yooka-Laylee recently landed for all major platforms, including our very own Linux. As a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie in particular, and created by a team made up of former Rare members, Yooka-Laylee has been a much hyped and anticipated game.…

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Review: HITMAN - The Complete First Season


Here at TLR we recently had a 'first impressions' look at the newly released game in the Hitman series of video games. It is also the debut for the Hitman series on Linux, thanks to the porting efforts of Linux and Mac porting company, Feral Interactive. Having racked up more hours of gameplay and…

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Broken Age: Act 2 Review


Way back in early 2014 I reviewed Act 1 of Double Fine Productions's quirky and colourful adventure, Broken Age. Somewhere along the line I assume I was either hit in the head or started living under a rock (perhaps both), because it wasn't until very recently that I got to playing Act 2. I gave…

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Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist Linux Game Review


Times have been better, for Boyle Wolfbane. He and his unfortunate but loyal minions, along with his most faithful minion and pet, Fang, tried taking over the world like all of the best and most powerful dark lords do. Emphasis on 'tried', because Boyle failed. Miserably. Aveyond 4: Shadow of the…

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[Game Review] The Journey Down: Chapter Two


Released on the 25th of August 2014, The Journey Down: Chapter Two is the second installment in The Journey Down video game series, a classic point and click adventure inspired by much-loved classic titles such as Grim Fandango. Described as having a "Afro-Caribbean vibe", a quick look at…

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Review: Broken Age - Act 1


A sheltered, over-protected, bored boy in space. A girl in a fairytale style land who is thrust into becoming an offering to a giant sea monster. Talking trees. Hippy lumberjacks. Broken Age has it all. And then some. Broken Age (Act 1) is a point and click adventure game officially released by…

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Review: Euro Truck Simulator 2


If you've never been a real sim game buff or especially never played a game the likes of the Euro Truck Simulator series, you would probably snicker or roll your eyes at the idea of driving trucks from A to B, often long hauls, being "fun". But you know, I once thought the same thing!…

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Best Free and Open-Source Alternatives to Apple DVD Player

DVD Player plays DVDs using your built-in DVD drive or an external DVD drive. It is proprietary software and not available for Linux. We recommend the best free and open-source alternatives.

The post Best Free and Open-Source Alternatives to Apple DVD Player appeared first on Linux Today.

How to Change Shell in Linux: A Practical Approach

This guide shows you how to change your Linux shell, making the switch from (to) Bash, Fish, Zsh, or any other shell a breeze.

The post How to Change Shell in Linux: A Practical Approach appeared first on Linux Today.

openSUSE Aeon Is Close to Final Stable Release

openSUSE Aeon Desktop’s RC2 is out now with image-based installs, memory optimization, faster boot, seamless updates, and more.

The post openSUSE Aeon Is Close to Final Stable Release appeared first on Linux Today.

How to Install Firefox Nightly Using the Mozilla APT Repository

Discover the step-by-step guide to easily installing the Firefox nightly package using the Mozilla-provided APT repository.

The post How to Install Firefox Nightly Using the Mozilla APT Repository appeared first on Linux Today.

Armbian 24.5 Released with Orange Pi 5 Pro and Radxa ROCK 5 ITX Support

Armbian 24.5 is here almost two months after Armbian 24.2 and introduces support for new devices, including Orange Pi 5 Pro, Radxa ROCK 5 ITX, Allwinner T527 Avaota-A1, Radxa ZERO 3E, Radxa ZERO 3W, FriendlyElec CM3588, 4G Phytium Pi, Sakura Pi RK3308B, SK-AM68, TQMa8MPxL, and CoolPi CM5 EVB.

The post Armbian 24.5 Released with Orange Pi 5 Pro and Radxa ROCK 5 ITX Support appeared first on Linux Today.

RHEL 8.10 Released as the Last Update in the 8th Series

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.10 brings much-anticipated software updates, closing the cycle on eighth series releases. Here’s more on that!

The post RHEL 8.10 Released as the Last Update in the 8th Series appeared first on Linux Today.

KaOS Linux 2024.05 Released, Here’s What’s New

KaOS 2024.05 debuts with a full Qt6 integration, Plasma 6.0.5, KDE Gear 24.05, removal of X11 dependencies, and more.

The post KaOS Linux 2024.05 Released, Here’s What’s New appeared first on Linux Today.

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Is Now Optimized for the Milk-V Mars RISC-V SBC

Canonical, the company behind the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, announced today that they now offer an optimized image of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS for the Milk-V Mars RISC-V single-board computer.

The post Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Is Now Optimized for the Milk-V Mars RISC-V SBC appeared first on Linux Today.

How to Install Drupal CMS with Apache and Free Let’s Encrypt SSL on Ubuntu 24.04

Drupal is a popular content management system written in PHP. This guide will show you how to install Drupal on Ubuntu 24.04 server. We will install Drupal with the LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MariaDB, and PHP) and secure Drupal with HTTPS from Letsencrypt.

The post How to Install Drupal CMS with Apache and Free Let’s Encrypt SSL on Ubuntu 24.04 appeared first on Linux Today.

Check the User Login, Shutdown, and Reboot Logs on Linux

This tutorial will teach you how to check the user login, determine when the system has shut down and rebooted, and identify the culprit.

The post Check the User Login, Shutdown, and Reboot Logs on Linux appeared first on Linux Today.

GamingOnLinux Latest Articles

NEODUEL: Backpack Monsters blends an inventory PvP auto-battler with a monster-fusing twist

Inventory management games are becoming another popular thing at the moment. We've had all those survivor-like bullet-heaven games and now another…

Zelda 64: Recompiled, the Majora's Mask PC port v1.1 brings various upgrades

Zelda 64: Recompiled was pretty interesting news recently, a PC port of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask using the new N64: Recompiled…

VoxeLibre (formerly MineClone2) v0.87 released moving away from Minecraft

VoxeLibre (formerly MineClone2), a free and open source sandbox game, has a brand new release available as they begin more movement to end the…

Terraria: The Board Game live on Kickstarter - goal met almost instantly

Terraria the smash-hit indie game is being turned into a tabletop experience with Terraria: The Board Game. It's crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and…

Inspired by immersive RPGs from the 90s Sonar Shock looks great

Sonar Shock looks a bit System Shock-like and that's a great thing, as it was inspired by various immersive RPGs from the 90s.

MangoHud performance monitor v0.7.2 out now

MangoHud, the performance monitor you can put on top of games on Linux has a brand new release available with new features and fixes. This is the…

Co-op tower defense beat 'em up ChronoDojo adds various Steam Deck improvements

ChronoDojo blends together two genres that I didn't think would work. Putting together tower defense and a beat 'em up sounds a bit odd, but I've…

Physics-based roguelite bullet-hell Cosmo Rider improves Steam Deck controls

Cosmo Rider is a physics based roguelite bullet-hell-and-heaven horde-survivor action game. Upgrade your spaceship and traverse procedurally…

Heroes of Might and Magic II game engine fheroes2 v1.1.0 released

Dear fans of Heroes of Might and Magic 2 and fheroes2 project supporters! The team is excited to present to you the release of version…

No leaving a Steam account in a will after you die according to Valve

Doing the rounds right now is a post from Valve's Steam support, when a user asked about what would happen to their Steam account when they died and…

Steam's Open World Survival Crafting Fest is live now

The Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest is live now showing off demos, discounts, upcoming games and much more in another event that will swallow…

2 Ship 2 Harkinian, another unofficial PC port of Zelda: Majora's Mask is out now

While we only recently had the Zelda 64: Recompiled release, we've now also got another PC port of Zelda: Majora's Mask thanks to the Harbour Masters…

The Rogue Prince of Persia arrives on Steam, devs will "constantly" improve it on Steam Deck

The Rogue Prince of Persia is now in Early Access on Steam, and the good news is that it should already work well on Steam Deck but the developer…

The Cozy Space Survivors post-release update has some simple lessons for indie devs

Released on May 3rd, Cozy Space Survivors is a cute survival roguelite in space, one for those of you who don't have a lot of free time. It's a…

Besiege: The Splintered Sea is out now with a free major sound system update

Remember Besiege from 2020? A physics building game about constructing mechanical machines to annihilate armies, obliterate castles and overcome…

TUXEDO Stellaris Slim 15 revealed for high performance in a small package

Another new laptop is on the way with the TUXEDO Stellaris Slim 15, the second revealed in the 6th generation of new Stellaris laptops from TUXEDO.

Free & open source RPG 'Veloren' update compilation - weeks 229 to 232

This is a compilation series from the last updates provided at the Veloren blog, the free and open source voxel action-adventure RPG.

Steam Deck hits 15,000 games rated Playable and Verified

Valve's popular Linux-powered gaming handheld the Steam Deck has hit a new milestone, with 15,000 games now rated either Playable or Verified. And it…

Latest stable Steam Deck update fixes a boot game mode issue

Valve released a small stable update for the Steam Deck, while work continues on SteamOS 3.6 that's currently in Preview.

KDE Plasma 6.1 Beta released with Wayland Explicit Sync support

Time for testing, especially for those of you with an NVIDIA GPU as the KDE Plasma 6.1 Beta is now live with some new features.

Dungeons & Degenerate Gamblers puts a new spin on Blackjack for deck-builder fans

Dungeons & Degenerate Gamblers is a different kind of deck-builder and given the popularity of Balatro, this could be another fun one to…

Insane FPS 'MULLET MADJACK' gets updated for Steam Deck

Quite a popular recent Steam release is MULLET MADJACK, a very vibrant single-player FPS set inside a retro Anime. It looks absolutely wild and the…

Ruins To Fortress is a PvP and PvE side-scrolling post-apocalyptic survival game

Ruins To Fortress is a side-scrolling multiplayer PvP and PvE survival indie game set on an atmospheric dystopian island. A bit like a side-scrolling…

Try the demo for Dreaming Isles, a farming life sim and a high-seas adventure

Love Stardew Valley and want something different? Dreaming Isles seems like a truly wonderful idea blending the farming life sim with a high seas…

Mind-melting portal-platformer Ingression out with Linux / Steam Deck support

Ingression is a an unforgiving & mind-bending precision platformer where you'll think and platform with seamless portal travel that will make…

Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Purgatory announced, a new choice-driven RPG thriller visual novel

Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Purgatory was revealed recently by Different Tales, who also made the rather great Werewolf: The Apocalypse —…

Action-adventure game 'Inside The Crystal Mountain' looks wild and has been overlooked

Inside The Crystal Mountain from Intrugli Games released back in March, and it seems nearly everyone missed it and it looks pretty crazy.

Warhammer 40,000: Gladius free to keep, plus new announcements from Skulls Showcase

The Warhammer Skulls Showcase has come along again, and we've got multiple new announcements plus you can grab a free game!

Atari acquires Intellivision brand and over 200 games

Since you all love reading about games industry consolidation, here's more for you! Atari have acquired a whole lot from Intellivision.

Proton Experimental adds D3D12 support in OpenXR, Fixes for Foundry and Ubisoft Launcher

Steam Deck and desktop Linux fans have more testing to do, with Valve releasing a new Proton Experimental update today fixing games, launchers and…

Mighty Marbles is an upcoming physics game that looks like a fusion of kids toys

I remember playing with various crazy Marbles games when younger, and again with my own small person and now one developer is making a whole game…

Check out the demo for Oblin Party, a wacky physics-based couch/online party brawler

If you love a good bit of total chaos then check out Oblin Party, an upcoming wacky physics-based, couch/online party brawler where the hands do the…

DAVE THE DIVER gets a free to keep (but time-limited) Godzilla DLC

This is a bit unusual. DAVE THE DIVER from developer MINTROCKET has a new Godzilla DLC out now, which is entirely free to claim but it's not sticking…

Wraithbinder is a new metroidvania-inspired action RPG from the dev of Songbringer

Wraithbinder is an action roguelike RPG with metroidvania-inspired ability progression. It's just about to enter Early Access with Native Linux…

Crownfall Act II and Update 7.36 are a big change for Dota 2

The way you play Dota 2 is about to change in multiple ways, with Crownfall Act II and Update 7.36 out now and it sounds pretty exciting actually.

Microsoft's new Recall AI will take screenshots of everything you do - freaky

This will be preaching to the choir for some readers, as you didn't exactly need another reason not to use Windows right? Microsoft's new Recall AI…

Mesa 24.1.0 released with big improvements for NVK, Zink, Explicit Sync

Ready for the next upgrade to open source graphics drivers? Mesa 24.1.0 has now released bringing some big enhancements to many different drivers…

Get a bunch of Nightdive FPS Remasters in this Humble Bundle

If you want to fill up your gaming library with some retro remaster goodies, the Fully Loaded: Nightdive FPS Remasters Humble Bundle is here.

Fanatical Bundle Fest for May 2024 live with a Play on the Go Steam Deck Bundle

Fanatical are bringing out new game bundles every day this week, and some of them look pretty great like the Build your own Play on the Go Bundle for…

Racing game BlazeRush ending support for Linux, macOS and SteamVR

Targem Games just announced their racing game BlazeRush is getting a big upgrade for the tenth anniversary but they're going to sunset their Linux,…

Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader updated for Steam Deck UI and Font improvements

Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader from Owlcat Games got updated this week to improve the experience of playing it on Steam Deck.

Tchia updated to improve text on Steam Deck plus performance improvements

Tchia is a cute looking tropical open-world adventure from Awaceb and Kepler Interactive that released in March and now it should look better on…

Cyberpulse is an arcade twin-stick thrower where you smash everything into the wall

Blending together the visual style from the likes of Geometry Wars and other similar retro arcade experiences, Cyberpulse gets you to throw enemies…

Braid, Anniversary Edition updated to improve Steam Deck OLED support

Braid, Anniversary Edition (which released recently) got updated that should make it feel better specifically on the Steam Deck OLED model, and the…

Little-Known Galaxy is Stardew Valley blended with Star Trek

If you enjoy a space sci-fi theme and like your chilled games, you may want to take a look at the new release of Little-Known Galaxy.

ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree gets a new trailer ahead of June release

I know a great many of you are impatiently waiting for ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree, so maybe this new story trailer will keep you going just…

Nightdive Studios confirm Linux and macOS ports of System Shock are cancelled

The System Shock remake from Nightdive Studios was originally funded on Kickstarter, and after delays it was eventually released on May 30th, 2023…

Kickstarter will now allow late-pledges for finished campaigns

Kickstarter, the popular platform for crowdfunding all sorts of things including video games and board games, is expanding with some new tools.

IGN acquired the Gamer Network including RPS, Eurogamer, VG247 and more

It's not only game publishers that have been consolidating their power buying up lots of developers and other publishers, it's also happening in…

NVIDIA 555.42.02 Beta driver out bringing Wayland explicit sync

The driver release many NVIDIA fans have been waiting on is here today. NVIDIA released the NVIDIA 555.42.02 Beta driver with some necessary upgrades…