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Geolocation using Python


Geolocating is the process of retrieving location-related information about a given IP address. And yes! It can be done using Python! So, let’s get right to it. The first thing to do is to recover the html code from the webpage using the following: import requests from bs4 import BeautifulSoup u…

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Python for Data Science: Data Visualization


Python can be used to generate from simple to very complex graphs. In this segment, we’ll learn how to graph using python. Simple Linear Plot The first graph we should learn how to plot is a simple linear plot. Suppose that we have the following: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt x = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

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Tor Browser: Anonymity and Beyond


There are three types of web: the surface web, the deep web, and the dark web. All that you can access using your Google browser is known as the surface web - it is visible to one and all. The deep web is all information that is under lock and key. In other words, we don’t have access to it. The d…

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The Linux Rain is Now Brave Verified ✔


For those of you using the Brave web browser, I'm pleased to report we (The Linux Rain) are now Brave Verified. What does this mean? Well if you're using Brave, you're probably familiar with Brave Rewards, BAT (Basic Attention Token) and all that entails. So with being a Brave Verified Creator, we…

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Security Auditing Tools For Ubuntu


Malware, where aren’t thou found? Well, even our wonderful Ubuntu can be infected. So what can we do about it? Hope and pray we keep our system safe and better yet, audit our systems regularly for malwares and rootkits. There are 4 system auditors for Ubuntu that we will review - lynis, rkhunter, c…

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Hacking WPA2 WiFi Networks


Whatever the reason for wanting to hack a wifi network, it is nonetheless doable. In fact, it’s become child’s play these days. First, let’s install aircrack-ng sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng Next, we need to put our wireless card into monitor mode. Monitor mode permits you to listen to other wirel…

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Sending an Email Using Python


Ever wanted to send emails using just Python? A few lines of code and you don’t even need to log into your Gmail account to email anyone in the world. In fact, you can do this in your terminal. First, open up your terminal and create a file. I will call mine “”. nano Now, let’s add som…

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How to Set systemd to Hibernate Instead of Suspend on Laptop Lid Close


In this article we'll be seeing how to change the setting that sets how systemd (the most common init system on GNU/Linux systems) handles lid closes. By default, when you close the lid on your laptop it will in most cases suspend (sleep). What if you wish to for the system to hibernate instead?…

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SSH Tunneling


In SSH tunneling, an encrypted channel is created between an ssh client and an ssh server. Information flowing within the encrypted tunnel is secure and thus cannot be intercepted. This type of service is in particular used when running insecure protocols such as TightVNC. They can also be used to…

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Rainbow Tables


All passwords in all databases are stored as hashes. Even on a Windows machine, when you set your password, the system doesn’t store the password in plain text – it doesn’t keep it in a readable format. It is instead passed through a hashing algorithm that turns the plain text password into a hash. The h…

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Featured Linux Game Reviews

Review: DiRT Rally


Yet another game in the porting lineup by Linux gaming heros, Feral Interactive, DiRT Rally is a racing game focussing on, you guessed it: rallying. As opposed to the largely arcade oriented DiRT Showdown released a few years prior, DiRT Rally is very much intended as a simulation, delivering…

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Review: Trigger Time


Trigger Time is described as a story-driven, top-down 2D shooter with a gravity gun and physics puzzle elements with some cutscenes amongst the 9 levels of shoot-em up action. Amidst a world full of indie top-down shoot-em ups, does Trigger Time deliver enough to be different? Developer: Shephf…

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Review: Spec Ops: The Line


The bullets screamed past Walker's ears, piercing the dust-ridden air. The only consolation of being aware of the sharp hot cracks through the air from the bullets whizzing by meant that he was still alive. His fellow Delta Force teammates, Lugo and Adams, were crouched nearby on the flanks behind…

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Review: Yooka-Laylee


3D platformer and Banjo-Kazooie fans rejoice - Yooka-Laylee recently landed for all major platforms, including our very own Linux. As a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie in particular, and created by a team made up of former Rare members, Yooka-Laylee has been a much hyped and anticipated game.…

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Review: HITMAN - The Complete First Season


Here at TLR we recently had a 'first impressions' look at the newly released game in the Hitman series of video games. It is also the debut for the Hitman series on Linux, thanks to the porting efforts of Linux and Mac porting company, Feral Interactive. Having racked up more hours of gameplay and…

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Broken Age: Act 2 Review


Way back in early 2014 I reviewed Act 1 of Double Fine Productions's quirky and colourful adventure, Broken Age. Somewhere along the line I assume I was either hit in the head or started living under a rock (perhaps both), because it wasn't until very recently that I got to playing Act 2. I gave…

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Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist Linux Game Review


Times have been better, for Boyle Wolfbane. He and his unfortunate but loyal minions, along with his most faithful minion and pet, Fang, tried taking over the world like all of the best and most powerful dark lords do. Emphasis on 'tried', because Boyle failed. Miserably. Aveyond 4: Shadow of the…

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[Game Review] The Journey Down: Chapter Two


Released on the 25th of August 2014, The Journey Down: Chapter Two is the second installment in The Journey Down video game series, a classic point and click adventure inspired by much-loved classic titles such as Grim Fandango. Described as having a "Afro-Caribbean vibe", a quick look at…

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Review: Broken Age - Act 1


A sheltered, over-protected, bored boy in space. A girl in a fairytale style land who is thrust into becoming an offering to a giant sea monster. Talking trees. Hippy lumberjacks. Broken Age has it all. And then some. Broken Age (Act 1) is a point and click adventure game officially released by…

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Review: Euro Truck Simulator 2


If you've never been a real sim game buff or especially never played a game the likes of the Euro Truck Simulator series, you would probably snicker or roll your eyes at the idea of driving trucks from A to B, often long hauls, being "fun". But you know, I once thought the same thing!…

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Linux Today

Expanded Markdown Support Is Coming to Google Docs

Big news for Google Docs users! Google announced expanded Markdown support, allowing seamless conversion and editing of Markdown files directly within Google Docs.

The post Expanded Markdown Support Is Coming to Google Docs appeared first on Linux Today.

How SUSE Is Replacing Red Hat as the Linux and Open Source Enterprise Standard-Bearer

It’s become clear to many that Red Hat’s recent missteps with CentOS and the availability of RHEL source code indicate that it’s fallen from its respected place as “the open organization.” SUSE seems to be poised to benefit from Red Hat’s errors. We connect the dots.

The post How SUSE Is Replacing Red Hat as the Linux and Open Source Enterprise Standard-Bearer appeared first on Linux Today.

Traefik 3.1 Reverse Proxy Enhances Kubernetes Support

Traefik 3.1, a cloud-native HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer, brings enhanced Kubernetes support and new HTTPRoute capabilities.

The post Traefik 3.1 Reverse Proxy Enhances Kubernetes Support appeared first on Linux Today.

Nobara 40 Debuts With Major Overhauls and Enhanced Stability

The Fedora-based Nobara Linux 40 rolls out with extensive updates, including KDE 6.1.1, GNOME 46, and improved driver support.

The post Nobara 40 Debuts With Major Overhauls and Enhanced Stability appeared first on Linux Today.

NVIDIA’s GPU Kernel Modules Go Open-Source

NVIDIA transitions fully to open-source GPU kernel modules with robust features in the upcoming R560 driver version.

The post NVIDIA’s GPU Kernel Modules Go Open-Source appeared first on Linux Today.

LibreChat: Your Free, Private Chat Platform With AI Assistant

LibreChat is a free, open-source AI chat platform that allows users to interact with multiple AI models through a single web-based user interface with high customization options. It supports a wide range of AI providers and services, including OpenAI, Gemini, Anthropic, and Ollama. LibreChat can be installed locally or deployed on a server, making it […]

The post LibreChat: Your Free, Private Chat Platform With AI Assistant appeared first on Linux Today.

What’s New With the Just-Released Linux 6.10 Kernel

This mid-year 2024 kernel upgrade brings a host of exciting features and improvements that enhance performance, security, and hardware support across various platforms.

The post What’s New With the Just-Released Linux 6.10 Kernel appeared first on Linux Today.

Audacity 3.6 Released With Master Effects and Enhanced Themes

Audacity 3.6, a free audio editor, introduces a new compressor and limiter, FFmpeg 7 support, master effects, theme options, and more.

The post Audacity 3.6 Released With Master Effects and Enhanced Themes appeared first on Linux Today.

Netfilter Announces nftables 1.1.0 Release

nftables 1.1.0 is out now, packed with essential fixes and compatibility improvements for robust Linux firewalling.

The post Netfilter Announces nftables 1.1.0 Release appeared first on Linux Today.

SUSE Requests openSUSE to Rebrand

Breaking: The openSUSE Board discusses SUSE’s request to stop using its brand, highlighting the need for cooperation and goodwill.

The post SUSE Requests openSUSE to Rebrand appeared first on Linux Today.

GamingOnLinux Latest Articles

Children of Morta, Celeste, Webbed, Hero's Hour and more in this pixel game humble bundle

Another new and rather awesome set of games here in the Pixels with Porpoise Humble Bundle. If you don't already own the game, this is a top deal.

Just Crow Things looks rather chaotic and releases August 15

From developer Unbound Creations who made the funny Rain on Your Parade, they've just announced Just Crow Things will release on August 15th.

Get a whole lot of Tropico and Railway Empire in this Humble Bundle

The Management Material: Tropico and more from Kalypso Humble Bundle has arrived, and overall it looks like a really nice deal.

Acre Crisis looks like a fun throwback to the original Dino Crisis

Directly inspired by the visual style of classic PlayStation 1 (PS1) games, Acre Crisis has a lot of clear Dino Crisis vibes and it's out now.

Bazzite Linux 3.6 out now bringing full ASUS ROG Ally X support

Bazzite, the "next generation of Linux gaming" has a new release out with Bazzite 3.6 bringing support for the new ASUS ROG Ally X handheld.

Streets of Rogue 2 delayed until October 22 - Playtest coming soon

While I'm a little sad to wait a bit longer, I know the delay for Streets of Rogue 2 is going to be worth it. Originally planned to hit Early Access…

1047 Games announced Splitgate 2 for release in 2025

1047 Games have now revealed Splitgate 2, an upcoming free to play shooter building on the basics of the original.

Valve reveal dates for first half of 2025 Steam Sales and Fests

While we're only about half way through 2024, we of course knew to expect plenty of sales and events on Steam next year so here's a look at what's to…

iFixit released a Steam Deck Toolkit

If you're looking to tinker with your Steam Deck you will need some tools, so iFixit have just released a mini-essentials kit to get you going.

Team Fortress 2 gets a Summer Event Update, new comic on the way

Valve have updated the free to play Team Fortress 2, with a new Summer Event that runs through September 15th, 2024.

NVIDIA talk up their transition to open source GPU kernel modules

Back in May 2022, NVIDIA surprise released their open source Linux GPU kernel modules, and they've steadily been improving their open source support…

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint adds full gamepad support and Steam Deck improvements

A little heist on the go perhaps? Cyber Knights: Flashpoint from Trese Brothers is steadily turning into a favourite turn-based tactics game and now…

Blender 4.2 is another crazy-big release

From game devs to movies and all sorts, Blender is a truly incredible bit of free and open source tech and it has evolved a lot with Blender 4.2 out…

No Man's Sky - Worlds Part I is out now and drastically transforms the planets

Ah hell, here we go again. Hello Games just released another massive free update to No Man's Sky with Worlds Part I out now.

Get a Drawful 2 free with The Jackbox Megapicker for the first 30 days after release

Jackbox Games are soon to release The Jackbox Megapicker, which is basically a launcher that shows all their games so you won't need to keep…

Fanatical's Bundle Bash has new game bundles every day this week

If you're in need of a fresh set of games, you may want to hop over to Fanatical's Bundle Bash as they're putting out a new bundle every day this…

Enlisted from Gaijin and Darkflow returns to Steam and now free to play

After initially releasing on Steam as Enlisted: Reinforced back in March, it was quickly taken down but now it's back on Steam just as Enlisted.

TheForceEngine adds initial Dark Forces Remaster support

TheForceEngine is an open source modern "Jedi Engine" replacement supporting Dark Forces, mods, and in the future Outlaws. A new release…

Check out The Immortal Lock, an impressive new Quake 1 mod

Need more retro shooting goodness in your life? How about a little more from Quake 1? The Immortal Lock is a brand new pack from modder…

Steam stable update released, and a Beta with lots of fixes for Desktop and Steam Deck

Valve released multiple updates just recently including a Stable Steam Client update for all and another Beta release with fixes for Desktop and…

Try the demo for Pest Apocalypse a horde survival game where you deliver pizza in a van

VANpire Survivors. I know, I already did that joke before, but it's a good one. Pest Apocalypse is an upcoming chaotic horde survival game where you…

Infest is a deckbuilder where every pixel on the battlefield can burn, freeze, melt and more

Taking some inspiration from the excellent Noita perhaps, Infest brings the mechanic of destroying all the pixels and puts it into a deckbuilder.

Amusingly British point & click adventure Heir of the Dog now on Kickstarter (demo available)

Tall Story Games are working on another quality British point and click adventure game, with Heir of the Dog now on Kickstarter with a demo available.

Marathon 2 a classic FPS originally from Destiny developer Bungie now on Steam

After the Aleph One developer community released the first in the trilogy of Marathon on Steam, originally created by Bungie, they've now put up…

SCAD is Twisted Metal meets Vampire Survivors and I want it now

I'm a total sucker for over the top action, especially when you're tearing down hordes of enemies in whatever bullet hell / bullet heaven game comes…

GameCube emulator Dolphin adds RetroAchievements support

Another nice win for people who love hitting challenges, as RetroAchievements support has now been added to Dolphin for GameCube.

Get ready to beat 'em up in Steam's Fighting Games Fest that's now live

Time to choose your fighter? Steam's Fighting Games Fest is now live and will run through July 22nd so you can get some delicious discounts.

Megacopter: Blades of the Goddess is a quality shoot 'em up throwback to Desert Strike

Inspired by the Strike series (Desert/Jungle/Urban Strike) and Choplifter, Megacopter: Blades of the Goddess is a lot of fun if you love fast-paced…

Here's more of the latest Steam Deck Verified games including Sea of Thieves

Another round of games have gone through Valve's official testing for Steam Deck, so here's a fresh mid-July round-up of Steam Deck Verified games…

Nexus Mods new cross-platform app adds experimental Cyberpunk 2077 support

On top of fixing up various issues with Stardew Valley modding, the new Alpha of the cross-platform and open source Nexus Mods app introduces…

Wine 9.13 brings more CMD.EXE engine rewrites, supports loading ODBC Windows drivers

A little later than they usually put out a release, the Wine 9.13 update is out now bringing more new features and bug fixes to bring better Windows…

Linux kernel 6.10 is out now

Linus Torvalds announced the release of Linux kernel 6.10 and with it, plenty of new hardware support and improvements to existing hardware. You know…

Free to play customizable platform fighter Counterpick Labs is out in Early Access

Here's your chance to play a platform fighter that's a bit different, and help shape its development with Counterpick Labs now in Early Access from…

Check out Quantum Witch, a platformer meets point and click choose your adventure

Developer NikkiJay recently revealed Quantum Witch, a rather quirky sounding mix of game genres that blends a platformer with a sort-of choose your…

Heroes of Might and Magic II game engine fheroes2 v1.1.1 released

The team is excited to present the new version of the fheroes2 engine - 1.1.1 for Heroes of Might and Magic II after more than a…

Get a bunch of different simulators in the Summer Sims 2 Humble Bundle

For those gamers who love a bit of busywork, the Summer Sims 2 Humble Bundle has some popular simulation games available.

RPG Maker MV / MZ for Linux tool now supports TyranoBuilder, RPG Maker XP / VX / VX Ace

While it's in need of a better name, the RPG Maker MV / MZ for Linux tool had a new release recently that expanded the support for running games on…

PS2 Emulator PCSX2 2.0 is out now and it's a huge upgrade

PCSX2 is a popular open source emulation for the Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) and PCSX2 version 2.0 is now officially available with a great many changes…

RPG Maker / Pixel Game Maker devs move to Godot for Action Game Maker

Well this is certainly an interesting one. Gotcha Gotcha Games known for the RPG Maker series and Pixel Game Maker have announced Action Game Maker…

OBS Studio 30.2 is out now with native NVENC encode for Linux, shared texture support

Video recording and livestreaming tool OBS Studio version 30.2 is officially out now, bringing with it various new features and a nice few Linux…

Open Source implementation of GOG Galaxy's Communication Service, Comet sees a first release

While it still has plenty of work ahead of it, Comet is a very promising project to bring the full power of GOG Galaxy over to Linux without needing…

Cute pet sim Hamster Playground is out now, free and Steam Deck Verified

Hamster Playground has today left Early Access as a finished game, ready for you to jump in and get adopting cute little furry friends. It has Native…

Legends of Adventure is an upcoming Sierra On-Line documentary on the rise of adventure games

Do the names Ken and Roberta Williams ring any bells for you? If so, you might want to keep an eye on Legends of Adventure: The Story of Sierra…

Super reaKtor is the most insane-looking bullet hell I've seen in a good while

Think you have fast reflexes? Super reaKtor looks like it will thoroughly test you with its rather unique take on bullet hell.

Double Dragon is coming back from Arc System Works with Double Dragon Revive

Due out for release in 2025, Double Dragon Revive is bringing the almighty classic beat 'em up back for modern audiences from Arc System Works.

Drop Duchy combines Tetris-like block-dropping with kingdom building

Have to admit, Drop Duchy is a clever blending of genres. Giving you the block-dropping from the likes of Tetris with you building up a kingdom.

Customize your slice in Pizza Hero a (currently free) Vampire Survivor-like

Pizza Hero is a new Vampire Survivor-like that you can currently add a free copy of to your Steam account for a limited time.

Popular multiplayer code editor Zed gets a Linux release

A little break in the gaming news for a moment to mention that Zed, a "high-performance, multiplayer code editor from the creators of Atom and…

Steam Beta adds many more Game Recording improvements

For both Steam desktop and Steam Deck, Valve released a fresh Steam Beta update that includes more improvements for the awesome new Game Recording…

Super Meat Boy and Worms star in Humble's Flashback Classics Bundle

Ready for some more great games to add to your collection? Well, blow the dust off your Steam shelf because the Flashback Classics Humble Bundle has…